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July 28 2016

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- Trivium

©Trish Tamayo 

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©Trish Tamayo

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©Trish Tamayo

January 21 2016

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photos by robbie shone of martin groves and gareth davies descending down the moulins of the gorner glacier near zermatt, switzerland. the first to explore these endoglacial cavities,  their work will help researchers get a better understanding of glaciers and their rate of melting.

at 14 kilometres long, the gorner glacier is the second largest glacial system in the alps. its cavities are created when meltwater up on the glacier weakens the ice around it and suddenly flushes down the moulin to unseen depths. much of the water will end up at the base of glacier, helping to lubricate its movement over land.

notes robbie, “seeing how vast and extensive these moulins can be just goes to show how much water they take during the summer months and thus leading to rapid increase in the rate in which these glaciers move and shrink in size.“

he added, “sadly, it seems, it won’t be long before we are without glaciers in europe. …a lot of glaciers will disappear within our lifetimes. my photographs will show what a treasure we’re losing.” 

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David Alan Harvey
BRAZIL. Rio de Janeiro. 2000. Copacabana Beach.

favorite place

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Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.
unknown (via hack-zone)

December 11 2015

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October 20 2015

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Yo lleno mis vacíos emocionales comprando cositas hahaha 👌🏻✌🏻️ #darthvader #darkside #sith #darklord #galacticempire #starwars #starwarsfan #theforce #picoftheday #mascaradelatex #happytuesday #random #blah

July 30 2015

July 28 2015

July 27 2015

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The owner of my heart ♡ por Trish Tamayo

July 23 2015

July 03 2015

June 29 2015

June 26 2015

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